FROM helps Airbus pave the way for satellite imagery


Airbus is one of the world’s leaders in aerospace technology with over $49B in revenue.

Airbus continues its innovation in satellites and satellite imagery, making high definition images  and insights from those images, available on demand to the marketplace. This was a major change from the classic way of working where viewing, ordering and receiving images was done offline.

FROM collaborated with Airbus to create an ecommerce experience that allows customers from around the world to order “on demand” custom aerial photography taken by Airbus’ constellation of state-of-the art satellites. 


  • Understanding the customer - FROM identified a range of customer segments in industries as diverse as real estate, agriculture and financial forecasting and conducted customer research to understand the needs of individual segments.
  • Enhance the customer journey - mapping out the new customer journey identified the key factors for success as well as the key friction points. After conducting root cause analysis, the key friction points were identified and a compelling vision of the future was agreed upon.
  • Building the future - An app-based ordering system was developed that made it easy for customers to draw areas of interest and find out when a satellite would be in position to photograph that location from the sky.
  • Optimize the short term - a minimum viable product was created to learn more about how customers want to use the solution in order to achieve their business benefits. This allowed Airbus to learn about usage by analyzing customer behavior in order to improve the solution to meet customer needs.


  • Developed New Personas and Vision
  • Digital Go to Market Strategy and Offers
  • Completely new digital experience portal


Research of customers and stakeholders is the key to a better understanding of a brand’s product.

Clickable prototypes and wireframes will give you a better grasp of the digital product you are trying to build with low commitment and high flexibility.

Smaller-scale digital initiatives can be used to immediately impact a customer’s perceived value of the product and generate more interest.

FROM’s digital transformation methodology helped to deliver a solution that in many cases exceeded Airbus’s customer expectations.