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Customer Experience Strategy 

Creating a clear customer-focused vision that you can communicate within your organization.

Customer and Market Research

We harness the power of market research to bridge the gap between businesses and their customers and to link people within organizations.

Digital Analytics and MVT 

Creating targeted optimization programs to discover which elements drive success and pivot strategy to maximize conversion gains.

Digital Transformation Strategy 

Helping our clients transform their teams and internal operations for success in the digital future.

Social Strategy 

Using smart social strategy to convert your hard-won likes and re-tweets into loyal audiences.


Innovation Consulting

Clients look to us to conceive and deliver transformational workshops and other innovational services.

Program Management 

FROM is reinventing the concept of Program Management partnering closely with client organizations to super-charge their performance.

Workshop Facilitation

Our facilitators drive the workshop to unlock your team’s potential through custom-designed activities.

Digital Property Operations and Maintenance

Our expert technologists and project managers can develop a support plan customized to your operation on time and on budget.

Product Development

Experience Design  

Our award-winning projects focus on delivering outstanding user experience in every moment of user engagement.

Game Development 

We specialize in creating games that foster a quality of engagement with your brand traditional advertising and websites cannot provide.

Mobile App Development 

FROM builds beautiful dynamic, integrated native apps on all major platforms and devices.

Responsive Web Development

We craft websites that are accessible and enjoyable on mobile and tablet devices.

Solution Personalization  

We deliver insightful personalized experience that allows companies to target their customers intelligently and efficiently.

Usability Testing  

We practice rigorous in-person and online testing to ensure that the product we are creating is understood and enjoyed.

Digital Content

Content Strategy

FROM works closely with clients to craft strategic roadmaps for content positioning based on user testing and market insights.

Content Design 

We expertly create as well as utilizing existing client assets to optimize brand message and meet the goals of digital properties.

Content Management

We are experts in content-management and have developed and maintained content management systems on any platform.

Video and Animation

We create custom videos as well as animation and illustration to match any style of the client’s properties.

Game Design

With over two decades of building award-winning responsive and mobile games, we bring compelling insight into crafting the best experience.