Flippin’ Amazing! Kids Watch & Play at the Same Time

When Cartoon Network needs revolutionary digital products, they come to us for strategy, experience design and content.

The concept was to provide the most popular forms of content for the audience: games, videos and a reward system. The challenge was to make the experience exciting and innovative enough to encourage moms to log their kids in through their cable subscriber account. Not an easy sell for busy moms!

The revolutionary solution was to empower kids to watch videos and play games at the SAME TIME while leveraging device orientation to navigate through the content and win rewards. The result: Cartoon Network Watch & Play - an app that every kid just has to subscribe to!

The app launched the brand as an early player in the TV Everywhere initiative for cable networks to retain subscribers by offering multi-device access to their favorite shows, on demand and live streaming, at no extra charge. Cartoon Network is also able to capture Nielsen ratings for their shows viewed on the app, a crucial metric for advertisers.

The result: Cartoon Network Watch & Play - an app that every kid just has to subscribe to!

The app defined the approach of using device orientation as navigation and allows kids to simultaneously browse and interact/play with games and video in the horizontal position OR to rotate it 90° one way for full screen video and 90° the other way for full screen gaming. Our team created all the gaming content which was regularly updated and Cartoon Network was able to manage the video content through their existing proprietary in house content management system which made updates easy and consistent.

This allows for the kid to choose how and when they want to Watch & Play.

W3 Award – Gold
Mobile Applications – Entertainment
W3 Award – Silver
Mobile Applications – Games
iKids Award
Best Streaming Video Platform
PromaxBDA Award – Gold
Art Direction & Design – Handheld Device Application Design
How Magazine Interactive Award
Merit Winners – App Design
Spark App League Award
App Competition Finalist