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It's a new world.

Your number one priority must be to win the digital customer. 

FROM has helped leading brands win with the digital customer for over 10 years. 

There are five steps to winning the digital transformation game.
We've built our company around them.
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Optimizing Your Current Digital Touchpoints

Recent studies reveal that 70% of all e-commerce sites leak revenue everyday. FROM has helped dozens of clients including Avis, Budget, Nutrisystem and Constellation Energy achieve rapid revenue growth through optimization.

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Envisoning Your Next Gen Digital Customer Experience

It’s not enough to just have a website or an app. Your customers demand a unified digital experience – online, in store, and everywhere else. But crystalizing a vision and selling the magnitude of change needed can be a challenge. FROM has helped brands including Universal Studios, Mattel, and Morgan Stanley conceive bold new visions for creating digital value and gain organization-wide alignment

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Developing New Digital Products & Platforms

We help our clients ride the wave of the latest technologies and consumer behaviors to expand their value proposition everywhere the digital world can take them. This includes improving or replacing underlying technology platforms such as CMS, CRM , conceiving new products and business models to create new revenue streams, and bringing your brand to new customer toucpoints and technologies such as the Internet of Things and Augmented Reality..

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Strategic Content Ecosystems

We’ve been creating award-winning digital content since the earliest days of the web, including rich media such as games and interactive video. We approach content from a creative as well as a business perspective, identifying ways you can be expanding your use of content to both improve its marketing value as well as drive revenue thorugh advertising or paid content (no matter what your industry). .

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Leading Digital Transformation

Maximizing your brand's potential in the digital space requires overcoming organizational resistance to change and often means creating many new roles, teams or processes. We work with our clients to get the cross-silo alignment needed to re-envision the customer value proposition. Then, in addition to helping build the new digital tools, themselves we help implement the organizational and governance changes that may be needed to support the transformed digital business and drive ongoing innovation.

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This year we will see some long-respected brands fade away the way that Borders, Sports Authority, Blackberry and Blockbuster have done.

But also,  someone will create the next Uber. And some long-standing leader will find its way to a new level of success in digital, like Samsung, Nike, Starbucks and Walmart.

Will it be your company? Will you be the leader who made it happen?  We believe it can be you and that having the right partner is part of your recipe for success.