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Leading Enterprise Digital Transformation


Companies that were not "born digital" generally have a lot of changing to do in order to shape themselves for a successful future. But people tend to RESIST change, even when it's essential. 

Most large companies have so many failed digital efforts that the field is littered with dead bodies. Transformational change absolutely can and does happen, though. It happens when a leader inspires teams across an organization, organizes them around a clear vision, and gets the resources and political support to make it happen.

Because FROM tends to work on projects that move the organization forward in terms of its digital value proposition, most of our clients utilize our capabilities to support not only the implementation of digital initiatives but the strategic leadership approach that will achieve the level of buy-in and collaboration necessary for success.

We bucket our work around digital transformation leadership into three primary categories which can be utilized in parallel.

These are just a few of the complex questions that we consult on. None of these have "one size fits all" answers, which is why FROM brings a wide breadth of expertise to bear to help our clients achieve success.