FROM launches social distancing app to combat COVID19


The COVID19 pandemic took the world by storm when it infected millions of people around the world. As a result, businesses have been forced to either close down or adapt to the heightened digital customer behavior.

At the peak of the confusion on how businesses would return to work, FROM developed the Social Safety app to take the guesswork out of social distancing.


  • Geotracking — after downloading the app and allowing it to run in the background, it will notify users when they are less than 6ft away from another user.
  • Contact tracing — the app records the frequency and duration of contact between users and records the information to ensure employee safety should there be an infection.
  • Reporting and Analytics — the app can give you a report of which users made contact with whom as well as the duration and frequency of contact. This also opens up significant advantages for businesses with multiple locations to forecast how much of your workforce could be affected when someone is infected.
  • Exposure Index — the app is also able to calculate how likely you are to get infected if you were exposed to a COVID positive co-worker based on the distance and frequency of your interaction.


While the 6ft distance is no longer a safety measure today, we can still learn that:

  • Quick and decisive responses are required when handling business disruptions that may affect the health and safety of employees.
  • Having policies, procedures, or technologies in place that will help give employees a safe working environment can speed up the return-to-work process.
  • What others might view as a problem could actually be an opportunity to make a huge impact.