FROM Helps HealthPlanOne Increase Online Conversions Through A New Digital Experience

HealthPlanOne is one of the leading Medicare brokers in the U.S. They help customers choose the right healthcare plans by providing reliable sales support and customer service.

Most of HealthPlanOne’s customer interactions happen at their call center; customers often feel overwhelmed by the variety of available plans, and they need an agent to help them make an informed decision.

HealthPlanOne wanted an improved digital experience that would give customers the same level of guidance that an agent provides.

To address this, FROM conducted observational research techniques and identified customer problems in HealthPlanOne’s current process. FROM built three future-state journey maps for key customer personas and these maps outlined the ideal experiences of both tech-savvy and tech-challenged customers.

Guided by the journey mapping insights, FROM created a quiz-like experience designed to educate customers about Medicare plans. The prototype was tested with a couple of their customers and garnered positive results.

The final product was a highly engaging digital interaction that offered different levels of guidance and education about Medicare. After the interactive tutorial, customers were presented with the top three healthcare plans that can best meet their needs. 

With this new digital tool, HealthPlanOne achieved lower agent call time, cost savings, and a best-in-class digital experience that significantly increased online conversions.