Attracting Attention for Universal Orlando’s New Attraction

With a dash of deep research and technological wizardry, FROM helped Universal Orlando prepare for the introduction of Harry Potter.

It was to be one of the biggest attractions in the history of Universal Orlando Resort: The Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

Naturally, the team at UO was expecting a huge spike in requests for information, merchandise and tickets. But heuristic and analytic research conducted by FROM revealed that the UO site wasn’t going to be up to the task.

So we re-invented UO’s entire digital purchasing experience. User research with actual resort visitors became the foundation for new, more comprehensive experience models. Working with these models, the FROM team defined a new interactive prototype, a full technical architecture, and a plan for new virtualized hosting.

During an intensive, interactive 3-day workshop with 60 leaders FROM all across the UO organization, we validated our models, built internal alignment, and secured funding for the new digital experience.

The result? A highly personalized e-marketing and e-commerce experience designed to convert online shoppers into purchasers.