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Hello, I'm Heidi Wisbach.

SVP of Business Innovation

I am passionate about turning innovation into a reality for your business. Together, we'll gain stakeholder alignment around a strategic vision and map out a practical plan for digital and business success. 

Heidi  /  SVP, Business Innovation


Heidi is our Senior Vice President of Business Innovation. She brings more than fifteen year of specialization in customer experience transformation, driving clients to define new frontiers for their businesses and mapping out the detailed steps to get there.

With a background in marketing, public relations, finance, and technology, Heidi has built a career in customer relationship strategy consulting for clients such as Disney, Universal Studios, Sprint North Supply, Allstate, Cigna, General Motors, JPMorgan Chase, Citibank, Mastercard, Nestle-Waters, Bauch & Lomb, General Electric, and Unilever. Heidi spent nine years with Ernst & Young (later Capgemini) where she was a go-to contact for customer experience transformation methodology and project management. One of the founding members of FROM, Heidi crystalizes innovation success for clients with voice of the customer research, user needs analysis, customer journey analysis, concept definition, customer-centric visions, detailed roadmaps, transformation business cases and metrics, new business processes, business requirements, product definition, program management, executive communications, and usability testing. She also brings strong facilitation skills for dynamic and interactive workshops to drive accelerated stakeholder alignment around a path forward.

Heidi holds a BA in Political Science from Trinity College, and an MBA from the University of Chicago.

Contact Us

You can reach me at hello@from.digital.