FROM Participates in the Back End of Innovation Conference

“Will your next great idea flourish or flop?” was one of the main questions posed at the Back End of Innovation Conference.

Over the course of four days, pioneers of innovation gathered to crack “The most critical part of the innovation process,” – the back end. They took innovation’s most significant challenge; interconnecting the business with innovation. Headlined by best-selling author Malcolm Gladwell, the conference focused on six key areas: Prioritizing ‘Winners,’ Overcoming Resistance, Driving Momentum, Accelerating Growth, Aligning External Resources, and Launching & Scaling.

CEO, Howard Tiersky, and CTO, Anis Dave, led a workshop on the topic — “Ideas are Everywhere: How do you decide which ones are ‘winners’?” Participants learned how to develop ‘winning’ innovation ideas by using a proven framework for ideation. 

Next up was a resolution roundtable panel discussion. Howard and Anis shared tips for gaining alignment across diverse constituents. They described how fostering ownership and alignment is the key to overcoming resistance to change. This struggle is one of the most common conundrums in digital innovation efforts.

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