News | Published 06.5.2017

MarTech Advisor Features FROM’s Insight On Moments of Truth in Your Customer Journey

Howard Tiersky, CEO and founder of FROM explains how, just as a detailed blueprint is essential for constructing a beautiful building, defining a clear and differentiated vision of the customer journey is a critical step in delivering a great customer experience.

There are three key characteristics to look for that indicate that a moment in the customer journey may be a key "moment of truth".

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Moments of truth are those interactions where the customer has heightened receptivity to a re-evaluation of the relationship, for better or for worse, and when you get those right, it goes a long way toward "making up" for any other moments in your journey that are not yet totally optimized. 

If you can identify the moments that have a disproportionate impact on the customer's’ long-term mindset about your brand, then you can invest in those moments more urgently and disproportionately.
For more information on Disproportionate "Moments of Truth" in Your Customer Journey and how you can identify them in order to prioritize where you will get the biggest impact for your investment, read more on Martech Advisors website here: