News | Published 05.20.2016

FROM CEO speaks during Internet Week on driving and supporting digital innovation

“If people don’t like to change -- but change is essential for survival -- how do you get them to change?”

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Questions like this were the basis for FROM, The Digital Transformation Agency CEO Howard Tiersky’s recent Internet Week NY 2016 session, Maximizing Digital Opportunity for Large Enterprises. Executives, professionals, and students alike gathered on Thursday, May 19th at Innovation Loft, to talk about the pressures of the changing digital business landscape, and discuss key tactics and strategies to help drive change in all types of organizations.

After the presentation, the Q&A portion covered everything from personalizing the approach to innovation to FROM's own history of iteration and change.

“Invite your colleagues and employees to be a part of the innovation process,” Howard remarked, “and you’ll find the support you need for new ideas and new products.”