News | Published 03.8.2015

Adobe Features Curious George Game at FITC Conference

On the heels of an early launch, a speaker from Adobe highlighted the Curious George: Birthday Surprise game at the FITC conference in Amsterdam.

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The conference showcases innovation in creative technology, and the game was presented as an example of successfully animating across multiple platforms.

Ajay Shukla, a Flash Senior Product Manager at Adobe, presented at a conference on new capabilities that will support Flash Professional as the best tool for animations across platforms and use-cases. from's Curious George: Birthday Surprise game was used as an example of what was possible in this area of design and development. More information about this presentation can be found on the FITC website.

Curious George: Birthday Surprise, programmed by from’s rock-star developers in JavaScript, is a fully interactive game with seamless animation. The game was well received by the audience, and will also be featured in an upcoming webinar highlighting its development.