How to Structure Digital Teams
Learn the typical and recommended break down of digital teams to enhance the quality of your team.

Having protocols for real-time measurements is an excellent way to keep your team focused on the outcome. For Wells Fargo, it also seems to have encouraged many people to achieve this goal by any means necessary – including cheating. How can you avoid this kind of metric myopia?

Many people in the digital field are drawn to it because things are constantly changing: new technologies emerge, business models shift, and consumer behavioral patterns are continually evolving. But with all that change, how do you give CxOs and investors the predictability they need to support innovation?

Innovation projects almost always need teams of people to participate in conceiving, designing, building, testing, marketing, and selling a solution. But at the start, innovation can seem wide open, with so many different perspectives on how to proceed. How do you know what to focus on?

The term innovation is hot these days, and most CEOs will tell their employees and shareholders that they are committed to innovating and innovation projects. But what does innovation actually mean, and how can you sell the whole team on the risk of change?

Verizon announced its acquisition of internet behemoth Yahoo!, at a price of $4.8 billion. This is on top of last year’s $4.4B acquisition of similarly beleaguered AOL. What are we to make of this move, and what can we learn from it?

Some of the words we use in business are just plain worthless, and the word “strategy” is one of them.

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